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Frequently Asked Questions About Private Yoga Classes

Many people are unsure what benefits private yoga classes offer or what to expect from the experience. Knowing how best to prepare for a private class will help you get the most out of your lesson.

Of course, each yoga teacher will have a different way of teaching and no two private yoga classes are alike. Take your time to find a teacher that meets your needs and can help you improve and extend your practice.

I’ve never tried yoga before — is a private class a good place to start?

Yes! A private yoga class is an excellent introduction to this type of exercise.

Many people unfortunately find yoga intimidating, particularly if they’ve never tried a similar class before. Some teachers running group classes use language that assumes a certain level of knowledge and move too quickly between poses for beginners to get a good understanding of what they’re meant to be doing.

By taking a private class, you can learn at a pace that is appropriate for you and really get your head around basic fundamentals.

I’ve been practising yoga for a while now — what does a private class offer me?

Plenty! Private classes are not just for those new to yoga. Experienced yogis can benefit just as much from learning in this type of environment.

Just as beginners can find group environments intimidating, those who have been practising yoga for many years can feel that the pace of a group class is too slow or not challenging enough to really test and build their skills. By working with a private teacher, you can identify your goals and reach them in a shorter period of time.

What should I expect from a private class?

If this is your first time taking a private yoga class — or any type of yoga class for that matter — you might be wondering what to expect.

While it will really depend on the teacher, most will start by having a discussion with you about why you’re interested in yoga and what you’re hoping to achieve. Perhaps you’re returning from injury and your doctor or physio has recommended yoga as a way of slowing getting back into exercise. Maybe you suffer from a chronic disease, like arthritis, and need a way of relieving tension and improving flexibility.

Whatever the reason, being open with your teacher about your background and aims will help them tailor lessons appropriately.

How should I prepare for class?

Yoga requires freedom of movement and it’s important that you dress appropriately. It’s equally crucial that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing — whether that’s leggings, shorts, or tracksuit pants.

Your teacher might ask you to bring a few things that would be required at any type of fitness class — a drink bottle and towel perhaps. Some types of yoga require the use of props. Your instructor should let you know ahead of time if you need to bring anything in particular.

Can I bring a friend?

Feeling a little intimidated at the idea of starting yoga? A great way to overcome this fear is by bringing a friend along to your first few classes.

Semi-private yoga lessons are perfect for beginners who are interested in yoga but don’t feel confident trying a solo class. You can get a handle on the basics and confirm that this type of exercise is for you before committing to private lessons.

It doesn’t have to be a friend you bring along. Perhaps you and your partner are keen to increase your level of physical fitness or you and your mother are looking for a relaxing, restorative way to spend the afternoon.

How can I arrange a class?

Emily began Mount Martha Yoga after graduating from yoga teacher training and following 15 years of personal practice. Her studio is situated in the beautiful foothills of Mount Martha and is the perfect spot for anyone in the Mornington region searching for “private yoga classes near me.”

In addition to holding classes at her own studio, Emily is also available to travel to students. For more information about her approach to yoga, teaching experience, and how to arrange a class, contact Mount Martha Yoga today.

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