About Emily

A desk bound office job in London in 2006 is what first drew me to yoga and I’ve been hooked ever since. Desperately seeking a solution to a sore back and sedentary lifestyle, I joined the local gym and went at lunchtimes. I enjoyed the variety of stretching and strengthening exercises, which did help with aches and made my body more comfortable.

As the years passed, I experienced a variety of teachers in the UK and Australia and began to learn that there was a philosophy behind the postures. My practice evolved in to something that involved the mind as well as the body.

In 2016 I finally gave in to the calling and commenced a 1 year yoga teacher training course with the Australian College of Classical Yoga in Melbourne. The course demanded one hour of meditation every day, alongside studying the ancient texts of the Yoga Sutras. This resulted in a much fuller understanding of yoga, the benefits of which I strive to share with my clients, to make their bodies and minds more comfortable places to be.

I offer private yoga lessons and special event yoga at your home, venue or my Mount Martha studio on the Mornington Peninsula.

In 2021 I completed the Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness with the same school, to deepen my own practice and broaden my teaching knowledge. All my classes finish with meditation and students frequently tell me it’s their favourite part – sometimes to their own surprise! Absolutely no previous experience is necessary, just bring an open mind.

I am a Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia and Meditation Australia.

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